Is that necessary to join discord?

I’m really curious about discord channels.
Is that really necessary to join discord channels?
If I’ve done all the tasks but unfortunately I have no chance to join all these channels and don’t flex all my works, all my tasks gonna take as unfinished or uncomplete?

Sorry, my english is not that good.

Hi Khon, Please consider the following in order for you can join the server.

Ensure that each account is associated with a unique IP address to avoid conflicts.

Confirm that you are not utilizing a VPN, as it may interfere with the joining process.

Avoid attempting to join the server with multiple accounts simultaneously.

Accounts must have a minimum age of 14 days in order to gain access to the server.

It is necessary for the Discord account to have a PFP for identification purposes.

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I have an acc for gaming purpose and I just put a pfp and still no use since activating that acc.That acc is over 6 mth and just activated and no use.
Does that acc meet your rules?

I think it is because there is a form already that you won’t be able to fill if you’re not in the discord

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