I haven't been able to join for more than 2 months

Hello Venom support. I haven’t been able to join for more than 2 months
I continously trying to join venom discord server but bot is always kicking me without doing any verification.
My discord Id: 1103619634432847914 – tq1051
My twitter Id: @Quangtrung12747
My email address: [email protected]
Vernom walet: 0:5e33b4d13a8d8cd7e3085ffd192ce6f57d7d1c09677bd4731471d0ea02311814
I have an avatar on my discord
And my account is older than 14 days
And I am not using any vpn
And I am using sim data for internet, no other device is connected with it.
I have 2FA enabled on discord.

When I am fulfilling your all conditions then why I can’t access your discord server. Please :(((((((((((((((((((((

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Same problem i am also facing

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but no response from any admin or anything. I wonder how to contact to customer support, since no reply over here then what’s the use of this forum.

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Please give me feedback.

Hi team, Please give me feedback.

Nobody Responding, i m also tagging the team on different Post but they are not replying.