I find your attitude really scandalous

I find your attitude really scandalous. If I were the Venom Foundation I would take serious action!!! I opened a lot of posts here on the forum and I intervened on many speeches of other users. None, I mean none, of the administrators or members of the forum staff have answered or helped me. Like me, like many other people. They just re-share the guidelines to follow. Lines that I (but I think many others too) have been satisfying for some time. I have 2FA activated, I have an avatar on my Discord profile, I don’t use VPN, I only have one profile so there is no danger of someone else using the same IP address, I opened my profile over a month ago and who the more he has the more he puts on. What do you want an electronic signature or a video call to certify that I am not a BOT. WeUp friends took an interest in my case and told me that I was blacklisted. For what reason? I know there’s no point in writing because you won’t reply or don’t know what to say (at this point), but I’ll try. I love the Venom project and I’m ready to follow it. But there are no such conditions. You will lose many followers if you continue like this. I have my own Venom wallet, I bridge and pool crypto. I unlocked all NFTs, I’m in the community of Numi, WeUp, VenomPad, Oasis, etc… Why don’t you help us and allow us to enter the Venom Foundatione.
Thank you


We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. However, before we join Discord and begin completing the tasks, please make sure we are informed of the announcement and any necessary requirements. Discord Server Security Update

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