I can't complete the task on Venom Bridge

Hello. I have an issue with a task on Venom Bridge. The task involves transferring tokens from EVM chains to Venom. I have connected my Metamask wallet to the BSC network and my Venom wallet. To perform the transfer, the user must have TVENOM tokens. However, the website displays a zero balance in TVENOM tokens, even though I can see the balance in my Venom wallet on the top right corner. Can you help me to decide this problem?

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Please do follow these

Bridging from Venom to EVM

connect your venom wallet and your EVM (Metamask for example) to the Venom bridge…
Select a token, (venom or Tusdt)

Bridge the token to your EVM, wither FTM network or BSC…
Bridging from EVM to Venom
Select FTM or BSC in the first bar and Venom testnet in the second.

Then bridge tokens from either FTM or BNB to Venom testnet. Don’t forget to turn off the button before you bridge. And you should have a little BNB or FTM for gas

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