I am kicked from the Venom Foundation discord [Mass problem?]

An interesting story turns out. Today I got acquainted with the Venom ecosystem, created a wallet, completed all the available tasks, subscribed to all social networks and joined all discords without any problems. But after a couple of hours, I noticed that my servers were down, I checked it and realized that my Venom Foundation server was gone. I found an invitation link on the official website, but I couldn’t join again. Any problem guys? Did I break something? All my activity was that I wrote “gm” and read your latest announcements to keep up to date. It’s funny.
Can you clarify the situation? Before writing this, I saw that many people had this problem today. Many people think that your bot is out of order and overloaded. What should I do now?
My wallet is 0:5bd6d4bedb44f116d9dc9b3e270c0c9145d37b54a0b09af51b349f3b63c04cf0
My discord is DΞSH#3653


Now I realized that the re-link to the discord was unique, and it could have expired. I found the original link, but the error that I don’t have access persists. What kind of nonsense is going on around? Is there a moderator here or are we left to fend for ourselves?

Help me pls!

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my problem same, you can check and nobody help to me. The organization is closed, information support is weak, and the support service speaks with a standard set of phrases like chatbots.
Why did we register if our rights are not respected? Where is free access to information? Violation of the law is obvious
I hope there is a person with rights, alive and will help us.

Why did you make a new branch, why didn’t you write in one? Why produce the same thing. It is better to do a lot of reviews in one branch.

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:exploding_head: :exploding_head: so sad, please read user guideline terms and condition

If you know, maybe you can tell me what’s the matter? I’ve read the user manual and it’s almost always the same. There is no answer to my question. And this is the first time this has happened to me.

I look at this situation differently. I think it’s stupid to write under one post “I have the same problem”, “and I have”, “and I have”. From the support side, these can be different problems, and I specifically described my case. As for ignoring the side of the project, I don’t think that’s the case. I want to believe that it’s not. If the problem is massive, then there should be a lot of such appeals, and there will not be enough people to answer everyone and everyone quickly. Especially since today is Saturday.

read my pm to you, maybe help your problem

This is also my problem I’m been kicked out without any reason i also not using multi account i have only 1wallet

I also tried to contact moderators form other discord channel but no one can help me

I have completed all tasks on https://venom.network/tasks and very keen to do more. My discord acount is kicked out from venom server. ( You have been kicked! in Venom Foundation!

Member: tasawar854 [1088223567335936141] Reason: Account Suspicious.).
i request to venom foundation i did not do any thing bad. As i remember when i was trying to connect with venom foundation server with this account i am unable to connect with venom foundation server at discord (it may be internet problem or server problem). when i tried an other discord account then both of my account kicked out from venom foundation server. please review my venom account and allow me to join venom foundation server on discord

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Please, help me join to Venom Foundation Discord. I can’t to join it more then 3 month. I do all tasks and get NFTs. But I can’t to join discord. From my opinion I tried using a new account to log in as my old account was hacked buh I can’t seem to joing the sever please help…

Username: EmmanuelOwusu#2678

I have same Issue and I did get any help from venom foundation. What should I will do now…