Help me to join Discord

Hello guys, I need yout help! Pls explain, how can I enter to the Venom’s Disocrd server? I already completed 19 testnets and collected 19 NFTs, but still not allowed to join the Discord server. What is a problem and how can I finally join the server? Thanks

same here dude
venom support team is not working

sad story… we are making testnets, spending our time and etc., but nobody paying attention for us and answering our questions :frowning_face: :cry:

but i think we are eligible for test net
if the certeria is not to join the discord

no… that’s the main problem. cuz we must send screenshots and our wallet’s address in order to proof that we completed all the tasks and get rewards (tokens) on our wallet

do you know any person in discord
we can share screenshot to them and wallet address

yet there is no such annoncement as said by venom

I think it’s not possible, because one person can put only one screenshot ((

chill calm and lets hope for best because on this forum there is no one wo will asissit

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