For those who do not understand what happened discord read

because of the bot attack, the venom administration decided to restrict entry to new accounts that are not 1 month old, accounts without an avatar, if you have any problems, write to the moderators, maybe they will help you, or try to pick your profile and set up your account according to the rules, I think you helped solve your problem, good luck to everyone!


شكرا جزيلا إنه عمل جبار يقوم به فريق العمل سم تحياتي

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My discord account is new but with an avatar. Cant access Venom discord. I don’t know how and where to write to the moderators. I passed the testnet, I don’t know where to put the screenshot. Help me please!


please share the screenshot on the discord ‘completed-task’ chat channel.
(now locked. opens soon)

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Hi) I can’t access to venom discord, I have avatar and it have been passed more than 1month from registration😉how can I write to moderator? Or what I can do to access discord?@jason_venom

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Be patient, I can’t join either

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:tada: رائع جداً المهمات القادمة الجميع ينتضرها إبق متصلا :slight_smile:

القليل من الوقت سيكون كل شيء على ما يرام الشبكة للجميع :tada:

And how do you contact the administrators if you are banned on all servers???

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Hi support, I reviewed the rules and I comply with all of them but it still says: I am banned. I turned off VPN, My avatar is legit, my account is from 2021, my phone is registered with discord. What can I do more? thanks