Discord verification issue

I’m having an issue with DoubleCounter verification , it keeps denying my access due to “using VPN” ,even though I am not using VPN. I contacted the support team of DC and followed their instructions but it didn’t help. I hope I can get help here


I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with DoubleCounter verification. May I know if you have another account joined in the server?


Thanks for the quick response.

  • No , I don’t have another account in the first place
  • I don’t use VPN
  • My only account ,which I am using to join VenomFoundation server was created about a year ago.

Please try these steps to address the problem:

  1. Double-check your network settings: Ensure that you have disabled any VPN or proxy services on your device. Sometimes, certain software or browser extensions can inadvertently trigger VPN-like behavior. Make sure to check your device’s settings as well.

  2. Clear your browser cache and cookies: Accumulated cache and cookies can sometimes interfere with website functionality. Clearing them might help resolve the issue. Additionally, consider trying a different web browser to see if the problem persists.


Please help me join.
My discord id: 1110733879351984169