Discord! HELP ME ! Can you hear me?

Hello dear administration! I would like to join the project’s discord, but they don’t let me in, I click join, they kick me out, my discord account is new, maybe because of this. I’m not a robot, I’m a living person, I live in Kazakhstan and I’m interested in your project, so I registered here and write in the forum! Please help me to be added to your discord I will be very grateful! My discord login is Sultan_Sh95


حاول مجددا و تبع تعليمات الخادم

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I’ve been trying for three days and it doesn’t work


For those who do not understand what happened discord read this is post for you

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:frowning: to me no access to Discord, or i have connected last week ?


I solved this problem by putting a photo on my Discord profile and was able to log into the discord channel. If you have the same problem, add a photo to your discord profile.



Venom Foundation team has implemented enhanced moderation measures in response to an increased occurrence of bot and spam assaults. Should any of the following circumstances apply to you, you might encounter difficulties when attempting to become a part of the community:

Failure to have an avatar associated with your account

Possession of a duplicate account on any Venom Foundation server

Recent creation of your account