Collaborations and partnerships

The Venom project had a fantastic start. Many people are still striving for days to join the community. This is a positive situation. However, the current market uncertainty might be delaying new launches/announcements. I’m just asking to gather information about the progress of the project. In this context, is there any collaboration with institutions or organizations? I believe entering into a partnership with a strong organization would be a great achievement. Do you have any plans in this direction? Note: I won’t tell anyone :slight_smile:


From the Defi industry, specifically the venom-financial-instruments project which is a project open to collaboration for the industry as part of a multilateral market infrastructure system for manage DLT financial instruments.

If you want to collaborate and grow the project with the new community of native Venom developers, this is your place.

Consult the Venom forum Venom for international regulated financial instruments -Fintech and Developers-..

We are looking for partners in all public access and mass adoption blockchains like Venom to concrete the VEP to be adopted by civil and industrial society under MIT license.