Can't join to Venom Foundation Discord

Please, help me join to Venom Foundation Discord. I can’t to join it more then 3 month. I do all tasks and get NFTs. But I can’t to join discord. From my opinion some validation bot banned me, but I don’t know why.
My mail: [email protected]
My Discord: IvanAbramchuk#4536
My discord ID: 1107325616023416852

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We recommend you to enhance the legitimacy of your account by joining other servers and actively engaging to build up your presence. Once the account has been established, you can attempt to join the Venom Foundation again.

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Sir i joined 38 Venom Based Servers and have OG roles in most and WL also, But my Problem is Same i m unable to join Venom Foundation Server Kindly Please Resolve My Problem

My Discord Username: danishsoomro|suiswap#1810
User I.D : 1105842031680569436

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I checked your account and I don’t see any issue. Please try again now.

When I try to Accept Invite by link from Venom Blockchain Testnet Campaign. In dev tools I can see my request and response. Response : {“message”: “The user is banned from this guild.”, “code”: 40007}. Who and why banned me?