Can’t join to Venom Discord

Hello. I can’t connect to Venom Foundation

I am trying to join the Venom Discord group - Venom Foundation, however the server is not accepting me. Perhaps this is because I tried to do this on the first day after registering on Discord, but as explained to me in the Venom community, it must take 14 days from the moment of registration to be accepted into the group. I did not know this, it has been more than a month since the registration, but now I can not join them.

Discord support talks:

Could you contact the Venom server administration and ask them to check the list of users and make sure that your Discord Tag is not in it. If you were once a member of this server, then your “ghost” copy could remain on it. If this copy remains on the server, and you are not a member of it, it is possible that the account exclusion procedure was not completed properly. Once your “ghost” is expelled, you can rejoin the server.

Please help me with registration in the Venom Discord - Venom Foundation
And also in the group Web3World

My ID: 1120041189169709218

Thank you for attention

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