Campaigns on zealy

Hello, I found 4 different campaigns on zealy. Are they real or fake all of them?


I dont hear about it, i think, venom dont have zeally.


Can someone from Venom staff answer please?

Hello. Venom Foundation currently does not have any active campaigns on Zealy, they are most likely community driven. Kindly join our Discord server to stay updated and have access to our official links.


Why can’t my account access discord? It says it was deleted…

You have been kicked! in Venom Foundation!
:profile: Member: fabiocosta81 [1145390957630599259]
:rightSort: Reason: Account Suspicious.
how to solve this?

I can’t get accepted on discord
My discord Id: @alexgood
My twitter Id: @Alex_Good
My email address: [[email protected]]
thanks for the help

Not Zealy, but there are some on Layer3