Bot kick me from chanel Venom Foundation

please help. I accidentally copied the venom link to the greeting(gm, gn) group and the bot kicked me, now I can’t log in to the Venom Foundation channel. But I’ve been doing tasks every day, I’ve been here since the month of May, watching everything, reading, and I was just banned by a bot for my accidental mistake. What I’ve been doing is now in vain. And I don’t have a source of information now? Is it possible to kill a person for a typo? What did I do wrong? I regularly perform tasks and just wanted to copy the wallet, I didn’t even have time to edit it, and I was kicked by a bot from the venom foundation discord. I praised this project. All for nothing? They don’t have an official email where I could send the request. The caliper is in discord, and I can’t go into it because the bot kicked me. It’s a nightmare and nonsense. If you can, please help in the situation. my wallet: 0:7778ad1ae922f997e476cc80d75fd532bd6edffe915cd14f8dfc7c013ac306ea. I’m not a bot, I’m not a spammer, I did all the tasks. I meet all the criteria, you can check for yourself. You force yourself to take these screenshots, and I went to send a screenshot of the completed task.

Now I have lost all my efforts. Let’s replace my discord, I’ll make a new one, I’m tired of the fact that the discord that I have for information does not work now and I have to write petitions, although I did Venom advertising, explained to my loved ones who you are and what you give to society. Now you have taken away my source of information.

My Discord @ravinneo , hope bot do not attack my account after

I wanted to fix it after the insertion, but the bot just deleted me, I didn’t have time. It’s awful. Hire employees, give mail for communication in such situations. Am I to blame for being an inexperienced user?

anybody from team here?
And please don’t tell me about the criteria, I fully comply. The bot just banned me after accidentally inserting a link into the gm/gn discord, I tried to fix it, but I didn’t have time, the bot immediately closed the entire channel for me. You just took away my source of information and communication with the team. I just accidentally clicked insert when I was copying the wallet and that’s it!!! this is some kind of nonsense. I will write in my favorite Twitter if the team does not get in touch here.

still can’t. Team you hear your people?

I can’t understand at all why they created a platform where we ask questions, but we don’t get answers to them. After all, there are few participants on this resource now, they could have answered us.

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It’s annoying. I see lots of people dropping issue, nothing been done.