Bot ban me in discord venom foundation

Hi i have problem with join in discord venom foundation. When i try join bot kicked me.
Zrzut ekranu 2023-07-26 004120
i active player

my wallet number is 0:01fb73f6d39c3a21441c47067e9d225c9ec71e50f515d5b2c4a3fb6280dbde71
my discord name kryptofan1991
on testnetventory i claimed 32 NFT.

I be active on other group from venom.
please unlock my account

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Is this the current and only discord you have?

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yes this is only discord what i have.

Same issue with me i cant join i m trying since a month Sir.
My Discord Username: danishsoomro|suiswap#1810
User I.D : 1105842031680569436

Please Resolve my Problem Also I never joined Venom Foundation then why blocked me.? i m trying since a month.

@Junneth_Venom can you unlocked my account from bot?

Make sure that you have met all the conditions. Please try to change your nickname and rejoin.

Same here
please help check my id :1109002613875298345

Bot have been kicked me! In venom foundation.
Please what is the problem?

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