Bot ban me for my link in support venom foundation? Not normal

I was change nickname on discord now from labsvenom to bad4token/ maybe you ban me for this nick too. I never scam , never spam. i was on chanel i ask support about chanel, he ask me link i was give it and bot ban and kick me after. my id 1105173671775051867
I have to many chanel , but only problem at your Venom found groups. Clear bot police.

What kind of “smart guy” came up with the idea of asking for a link in the ticket, you give him a link and they throw you out of the group altogether for this? Are you normal? Am I suspicious? Maybe start with yourself?

How many time i need to waiting? You cant complete my ask from 2 JULY? What do you do? Or have you been sent to write unsubscriptions to users? I’ve already explained why. You drove the people to perform tasks, we do and do not have the right to ask for help? The nightmare has been dragging on for almost a month with the addition of a back after an aggressive bot. Will there be a support response or will we walk around ? I’m here. I need help.

i check today again, i can join to any chanels on Discord, but Venom have stran

ge bot, after kick me on support chat after my link to venom group. (you can read ticket )… ticket 6207. - in it, I answered the link to the employee’s question. Guys help. It should have been done by an employee, not you here, but it just so happened, I’ve been writing about it for a month already.
And read what I write and what I ask, I don’t need nonsense about 14 days and the presence of a two-factor, I have it all. I can be added to any project of the crypto industry, and in yours, which is just taking the first steps in this direction, a miracle bot is installed that bans people for any stupidity. Remove the filters, restore my account. I do tasks every day. If an ordinary employee can’t help me, call the chief employee of the office.

I can’t login Venom Bridge, Venom W3WORLD, venom foundation discord. Add me and clear me from any filters

sunucunuza erişmek istiyorum ama nedenini bilmediğim halde tekmeleniyorum.
yardımcı olurmusunuz?
discord ID:1136683861464580146
discord kullanıcı adı:sametemrecanpolat

Hello. I can’t join Discord. When connecting, it says: Unable to accept invite.
my ID: 1109107564051968071

please uplift my ban its humble request from you and im profoundly for my response its a request from you guy please do the needful asap

my discord id .rajsingh

I can’t get accepted on discord
My discord Id: @alexgood
My twitter Id: @Alex_Good
My email address: [[email protected]]
thanks for the help

I can’t connect to my discord @aliyu_ibrahim my email is [email protected]