Add Liquidity and Swap error

'm getting an error in add Liquidity and swap in Venom.
venom walllet : 0:177e412b6da424995a5c9568c73162e740cce4977d07817c58ff0050ee54689e

discord address:maho#4407


Probably software error… Wait a few minutes and try again. Sure, the moderators will provide accurate information @Samurai_VENOM @mochi27_venom :pray:


Most likely you are right. After trying many times, my transaction was successful. Since it is a testnet, this situation is very normal, our aim is to detect these problems.


Hey there

May I ask what browser you’re using ? If you’re not using google chrome, that might be the problem, we’ve carried out tests on them and google chrome is much better.

If you’re using google chrome, clearing your cache and cookies might work, if it doesn’t logout and repeat the process.

If it still doesn’t work, you might want to try updating your browser. That should do the trick, it might get frustrating but since it is a testnet, there may be errors of long transaction downloads. For testnet this is normal, in these cases you have to wait a little bit. If tokens or fee were withdrawn, but nothing happened - you need to wait a bit. Do not make transactions yet. Tokens will either return to the account, or the job will happen.

Let me know if this helps.

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