About tokens disappering during farm in Web3.World

Hi Web3.world team,

Good morning! I have below two issues during farming in Web3.world site.

Issue 1: I found my tokens were disappered during get LP and deposit into WVENOM/FTM pool, below picture shows the history on Aug 1st that i have transtered the WVENOM/FTM into the pool address, but havn’t got any LP or other tokens, the tokes are totally disappering. My wallet address is : 0:3d38a63288f530f9d92723e3c93cf41f07ce25ee3cfe7632fb23be233a53a709

Issue 2: On June 30th, I deposited 393 STVENOMs and 390WVENOMs in STVENOM/WVENOM pool, but only received 212LP (226WVNOMs and 190STVENOMs), some tokens are missing. the wallet address is : 0:adc19c4a33392bb54bdcff27b102470021502663141baca5ce785c3c7da691fa

below image will show the histroy of depostion and LP that i have.

Is someone from the project team who can help to look into the issue listed above? much appericated!

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  1. Contact here for help What is Web3World? , but it’s better to create a ticket in their discord
  2. Now the team is changing and correcting something on the site, so there may be a bad display, but there are no errors (not sure). Recently, all APR pools had zeros

Ok, Thanks for your guidance.